Server Services

Microsoft SBS: As a Small Business owner, you are most likely in search of low-cost simple yet effective business solutions. You have the need for IT expertise but don't have full-time on-site IT professionals or administrators to run your network. Microsoft SBS provides a complete business solution at a reasonable price, making it easier for you to concentrate on growing and managing your company.

Email Servers: CapperTek, LLC provides secure and reliable email hosting and support for customers. We provide customized email solutions that will help your company grow and manage your workload more efficiently.

We know how to maximize your e-mail solutions. We know what can go wrong and have adopted a proactive approach to help anticipate and quickly resolve problems, thereby insuring quick, effective and knowledgeable service.

Antivirus Solutions: Using antivirus software is a necessity.  Not only must antivirus  software be installed on all servers and workstations but virus definition files (DAT's) must be constantly updated. CapperTek, LLC will assess your antivirus needs and can provide a solution for your company, no matter the size of your environment.

Ecommerce/Web-Hosting: Online businesses often use different applications to manage inventory, sales transactions and key customer information, resulting in redundant data entry and separate, inconsistent segments of data. CapperTek, LLC will help you run your entire business more efficiently - including your web store, inventory management, order fulfillment, accounting systems, and customer relationship management software.

Hardware Upgrades: When in the midst of upgrading a system that is part of your business environment, whether it is a workstation or a server, you want to make sure that downtime is minimal for the replacement or upgrade and that everything works the right way the first time.

CapperTek, LLC's Support Team has a deep understanding and broad knowledge of PC and server components and can help you decide what upgrades or replacements to purchase for your machine and help you install them.

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