Website Development Services

Custom Graphic/flash design: The use of Custom Flash design allows you to add motion and sound to any website. Businesses should look at the intelligent use of Flash presentations within their website to offer a higher level of engagement to their visitors. CapperTek, LLC will create a customized that will convey your message in a more compelling way.

Custom copy writing: Regardless of the kind of business you do, you need your message to be heard.  CapperTek, LLC will craft sharp, tone-appropriate and keyword-rich copy for all your needs from Press Releases, Newsletters, Web Content, Ad Copy and any other text needs, insuring your company conveys the right message.

Custom functionality: Though CapperTek, LLC offers comprehensive components that allow for many business processes to be completed, there are times where your firm will require custom functionality to meet specific needs. We can build custom components that simply plug into your foundation, allowing us to add to existing code rather than building applications from scratch. Using these techniques helps to drive down the cost of custom functionality.

In-House Marketing: Brand marketing is the art of making the right impression on business prospects. The value of developing and bringing the right image or identity of your company to the marketplace cannot be underestimated. Too often, clients are focused on the later stages of the brand identity, development process, such as the presentation on a Web site or advertisement in a magazine.  CapperTek, LLC will develop marketing and branding strategies to insure your business will continue reaching new audiences.  From search optimization, to logo design and identity design, we will work with you to increase your exposure and influence.

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